As Campaign Attracts National Media Attention, Voters Learn More About Media Smears of Day and the Radical Judicial Philosophy of his Opponent

REDMOND, OREGON —During this past weekend, the self-described “Antifa” candidate for Portland Mayor in 2020, Sarah Iannarone, launched a vicious and defamatory personal attack on Oregon Court of Appeals candidate Vance Day.  Famous for her infatuation with Mao Zedong, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, and Vladimir Lenin, as well as for promoting the goals of the woke, violent, Marxist-anarchist group, Antifa, Iannarone baselessly accused Day of being “openly neo-Nazi” by citing a false and discredited 2016 Washington Post story that claimed then Marion Co Circuit Court Judge Day was “Honoring Hitler” and “hates gays.” Iannarone further claimed that the peaceful, non-political Christian men’s faith organization known as the Promise Keepers, for which Day served as President, was affiliated with the Proud Boys, a completely unrelated political activist group on the right accused of violent demonstrations. She later partially walked back the “neo-Nazi” claim while stating that Day is a “bigoted right-winger.”

“It’s disappointing that Judge Ortega must rely on people promoting slanderous accusations and discredited fake news stories to disparage opponents,” stated Team Vance Day Communication Director Kevin Hoar. “Yet, it is somehow no surprise to hear such enthusiastic support for Vance’s opponent from the Antifa candidate for Mayor of a city that has descended into lawlessness and violence while tolerating radical activist groups who riot in the city’s streets promoting a form of unequal justice and repackaged fascism. This is the system of justice we have gotten in Oregon by letting out-of-touch elites and insiders choose our judges for us unopposed. Vance Day is running to restore equal justice under the rule of law.”

Iannarone made these claims to persuade her 19 thousand plus followers to support Day’s 19-year incumbent opponent.  A recent national media article revealed that Day’s opponent, Judge Darleen Ortega, is a fervent promoter of radical legal theories by teaching them to law students at the University of Oregon’s Law School’s Portland Campus and has written and spoken frequently on the subject.

“Regular folks are waking up to the damage this new system of ‘unequal’ justice bought and paid for by woke insiders who believe it is their justice system and that it’s unaccountable to the people,” said Team Vance Day Communication Director Kevin Hoar. “This race for Oregon’s second-highest court is a rare opportunity for voters to say they’ve had enough and demand an end to the weaponization of our justice system as a political tool for punishing one group of citizens while rewarding another.”

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Vance Day, Candidate for Position 3, Oregon Court of Appeals, added:

“Having visited 34 of Oregon’s 36 counties, voters have expressed a palpable frustration with the lawlessness in our streets, the assaults on personal freedom by political elites, and the labeling citizens as oppressors and victims based on skin color or ethnicity. People want and rightly deserve true equality for themselves and their children under our Oregon and U.S. Constitutions and the Rule of Law. To get it back, Oregonians must reclaim their court system at the ballot box on May 17th.”



Vance Day is a candidate for Position 3 on the Oregon Court of Appeals, a statewide, nonpartisan position. The election will be held May 17, 2022.

Day is a sixth-generation descendant of Oregon Trail pioneers, born and raised in the Willamette Valley. He graduated magna cum laude from Warner Pacific University and earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Willamette University College of Law in 1991. An accomplished trial lawyer, he has tried over 300 bench and jury trials. In addition, Vance served the State of Oregon for nearly four years as the Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party. 

In 2011 Day was appointed to serve as a Circuit Court Judge and was elected to a full six-year term in Nov. 2012. In 2012, Judge Day started a veteran’s treatment court in Salem, Oregon, to target the root causes of veterans’ criminal behavior, such as homelessness, mental illness, and substance abuse, by bringing together the prosecutor, the defense attorney, the judge, other veterans, treatment providers, mentors, and support teams to work together to help veterans make a fresh start. While Day was running the program, there was a zero-recidivism rate.

Upon completion of his term as a circuit court judge, Vance Day was recruited by the board of the Christian men’s ministry Promise Keepers to help rebuild the organization, eventually serving as president of the organization. Under his leadership, the organization was revitalized and now ministers to hundreds of thousands of men globally. Most recently, Day travels the length and breadth of Oregon on behalf of the James Madison Center for Free Speech, meeting with various organizations, churches, and community groups to discuss our constitutional liberties and how we can responsibly respond to government overreach.

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May 3, 2022
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