Should ‘We the People’ choose our judges or the Portland political elites?

In Oregon, the norm is that voters are given no real choices for the Appellate Court. Instead of diverse perspectives representing people from all walks of life and every part of the state, your ballot usually has only one option for judge running unopposed from the Portland metro area, representing the standard monolithic politically correct group think we seem to get in every election. Eventually, the judge retires, the Governor fills the vacancy…rinse, repeat.

This election is different. Vance is running because he believes that We The People should have a choice for this important court rather than leaving the politicians to decide for us. He is a strict constructionist, originalist jurist who would bring a truly diverse intellectual perspective that relies on following our Federal and State Constitutions, respecting our Freedoms, and preserving Equal Justice for All. This perspective is entirely missing from today’s court. After all the hits freedom and equality have taken over the past couple of years, let’s not miss this opportunity to elect Vance to the Court of Appeals next Tuesday.

Obviously, this means Vance represents a threat to the status quo of the entrenched political elite running our state. No one is more aware of this than the nation’s least popular Governor, Kate Brown, who has donated $2500 to his opponent. The rest of the privileged Portland insiders in the halls of power are joining her as they circle the wagons to salvage another six years for Vance’s 19-year incumbent opponent. As we’ve seen with the recent overturning of the $1B state forest management verdict, this court is simply too important and the opportunity too rare to let the elites prevail. Will you support Vance in his mission to restore the Rule of Law with Freedom and Equal Justice for All?

Today, we are asking you to help Vance’s campaign reach these voters by donating before midnight tonight. Ballots have arrived in mailboxes, and this election ends on May 17th, so your contribution is needed ASAP!

If you donate $50 or more, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to upcoming private online advance screenings of the documentary “Fight For Liberty” (view trailer), which tells the story of persecution Vance experienced at the hands of the radical left as a Marion County Circuit Court between 2014-18, how he fought back and prevailed.

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