I have had the honor and privilege of knowing Judge Vance for almost five years now. I know him to be a man of honor and integrity, and he believes in nothing but the truth. Vance Day is a man of his word, and I think he will just continue to be the honorable judge he always has been.

Jordan Beckner , Fiberbuilt Umbrellas, Inc., Founding partner/President of Sales

Vance represented my Husband years ago. Before we started our meeting he prayed with us. He had amazing portrait’s of President’s in Office Building. He is a Man of honor and integrity, we need Vance Day for a Judge in Oregon.

Elizabeth Eddings

Vance Day has the exemplary character, the valuable education and experience, and the demonstrated work ethic that makes him the most excellent candidate for this Court of Appeals position.

Mae Huston , Jefferson County, Commissioner

I heartily endorse Judge Vance Day for the Oregon Court of Appeals who will restore equality, freedom and the rule of law. He is a man of integrity and faith who has been falsely and ruthlessly attacked by the “woke” elite and will bring a needed conservative voice to the Oregon judicial system.

Stephen Williams , Prepare The Way Ministries, Pastor

Vance Day will bring the rule of law back to the judiciary. We need men and women on the bench who will make judgements, not based on personal opinion, but based on our constitution and statutes passed by the legislature. Vance will bring justice back to the court of appeals and work to eradicate political favoritism. I wholeheartedly endorse Vance Day for Oregon’s Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 3.

E. Werner Reschke , State Representative

Vance Day was unfairly removed from office, he stood up to his detractors on constitutional principles and won. We need courageous candidates and a balanced Oregon Count system.

Jeff Lang , Retired-Government


Ralph Spooner , Attorney, Spooner & Much PC

Conservative for Court of Appeals. Dump the Incumbent’s.

Nina O’Mailia , PCP, Physician Assistant

I first met Vance Day when he sponsored Sgt. Malarky of the famous WWII Band of Brothers at a Men’s Fellowship meeting at our church. You have seen the TV series, watched the movie or read the book — THE BAND OF BROTHERS.

One year I travelled with the Oregon Delegation to the Party National Convention. Vance Day was the State Chair of the Party that year and was the leader of the Oregon Delegation. We sat within 50 feet of the podium when our Nominees for President and Vice President of the United States accepted our nomination.

When he was Marion County Circuit Court Judge Vance Day appointed me Foreman of a Grand Jury. To understand the importance of the protection for all of us of private citizen Grand Juries read the book entitled THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO or watch the movie. Private citizen Grand Juries keep the politics out of who is indicted for serious crimes. Grand Juries can even investigate and indict officials in the Criminal Justice system. Grand Jury proceedings are secret.

You will receive an Oregon Primary Election BALLOT in the mail within a few days. I recommend you read Vance Day’s campaign statement on page 71 of the May 2022 Oregon Primary Election VOTERS’ PAMPHLET that you have already received via mail.

When you receive your Voters’ Pamphlet I recommend you immediately MARK your ballot for my very good friend Vance Day for OREGON COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE, Position 3. Every voter in Oregon can vote for Vance Day.

Gill Bellamy

Judge Vance Day is giving us a fresh and inspired encouragement to stand for our rights as citizens of this great state. As our free speech has been eroding due to extremism and cultural shifts, Judge Day has encouraged the most basic Constitutional rights that we as Americans must occupy. We MUST stand against the flow and occupy what we believe in even if it rocks the cultural narrative. This is our right as Oregonians and Americans to follow our conscience.
I believe with all my heart that Judge Day is a balanced and fair Judge with great experience as a trial attorney. He is an amazing listener and asks excellent questions. He responds to questions with a depth that calls us all to a higher standard. Judge Day is committed to family values. He has an excellent ability to relate to a broad spectrum of people and values with respect and dignity. He is a SUPERB choice for the Court of Appeals, position 3.

Linda Hanratty , President, Tillamook County Wide Prayer Team

I have know Vance for decades. He and I had numerous legal battles over the years on the opposite sides of cases. He’s smart, honest and capable. He believes in the US and Oregon Constitutions and is not afraid to confront the left wing agenda to infiltrate the judiciary and the bar with unqualified people with personal agendas favoring the alphabet people and the those such as BLM and Antifa. We need a voice of sanity on the Courts of Appeals as those there now are mere rubber stamps for the democrats and “identity” politics frauds. I urge a vote for Vance Day.

Joe Much , Retired Lawyer

Judge Vance Day is a man of integrity with immeasurable experience. He is led by the Lord and unafraid to stand up for what is right. His roots in Oregon are generational, he loves Oregon, and wants to make things right again. He would lead the way for future conservative judges.

Jen Jacobson , Owner, Beloved Cheesecakes

“The current liberal judges are destroying Oregon. Crime is out of control.”

TJ Reilly , President, Same Day Auto Services

“Vance Day is what is needed to restore some balance to the Court of Appeals.”

Carol Williams

“Truth Bearing Personnel in any Governmental position is not only a must, but pivotal at this point in history. Vance Day is a God-Fearing Man who has deep convictions in working to aid people to Truthful ending results!”

Shawn Moniquea Edlund , President Be The Vessel NOW, Be The Force NOW, World Evangelist, Professional Intercessor

Vance Day is exactly what WE ALL need in an Appellate Court Judge. His unwavering work ethic, character, reputation and fortitude are like none other. The vast experience that he will bring to our judicial system in Oregon will be of great benefit to all Oregonians for now and in the future. As for me and my house…Vance has our support.

David Brown , Marion County

“It is a privilege and a pleasure to endorse with total confidence the Honorable Vance Day for Oregon
Court of Appeals judge.

Vance has never wavered from his dedication to equality, freedom and the Rule of law throughout his

He lives the title “Honorable” day to day and year after year. At a time when activist judges are
commonplace, we need true justice within in the court system. Vance believes a judge should be
faithful to the Constitution and apply the laws as they are written. Oregon needs more judges who
accurately apply the law and not make up the law.
At a time when Oregon is in crisis because of rampant lawlessness, we need to fill this position for
Appeals Court judge with a person of integrity and principle who will listen to both sides of a case,
evaluate, and be measured in his decisions. That would be Vance.”

Greg & Chris Barreto

I agree, Judge Vance Day has been tested by fire and is a strong and dedicated man who is capable of fair and impartial judgment while upholding the constitution and founding principles of our state and nation. He is a family man, dedicated to the community, his faith and is just what the state of Oregon needs. Vance has has my full and complete endorsement.

Steve Parnell , Educator

What I found impressive about Vance’s presentation last week was that he supported his campaign platform with biblical truths. Foremost, with being a DEVOTED believer versus just knowing “the language” of the bible. Also, I am in agreement with getting back to the true definitions of Equality, Freedom and Rule of Law. Being that he knows adversity first-hand with what he’s come through, he spoke of it all as an endorsement of his campaign. “He who suffers much will reign.” Thank you, Vance.

John Schaub , Pastor, Gateway Foursquare Church

“I feel that Judge Day has what it takes to bring the true application of “Rule of Law” back into Oregon. With that said, his vast experience, leadership and commitment to Oregon and all of our counties is exactly who we need. Good luck, Judge Day!”

Todd Stretar , Insurance Provider