I first met Vance Day when he sponsored Sgt. Malarky of the famous WWII Band of Brothers at a Men’s Fellowship meeting at our church. You have seen the TV series, watched the movie or read the book — THE BAND OF BROTHERS.

One year I travelled with the Oregon Delegation to the Party National Convention. Vance Day was the State Chair of the Party that year and was the leader of the Oregon Delegation. We sat within 50 feet of the podium when our Nominees for President and Vice President of the United States accepted our nomination.

When he was Marion County Circuit Court Judge Vance Day appointed me Foreman of a Grand Jury. To understand the importance of the protection for all of us of private citizen Grand Juries read the book entitled THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO or watch the movie. Private citizen Grand Juries keep the politics out of who is indicted for serious crimes. Grand Juries can even investigate and indict officials in the Criminal Justice system. Grand Jury proceedings are secret.

You will receive an Oregon Primary Election BALLOT in the mail within a few days. I recommend you read Vance Day’s campaign statement on page 71 of the May 2022 Oregon Primary Election VOTERS’ PAMPHLET that you have already received via mail.

When you receive your Voters’ Pamphlet I recommend you immediately MARK your ballot for my very good friend Vance Day for OREGON COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE, Position 3. Every voter in Oregon can vote for Vance Day.